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At Concord Antiques Gallery we love celebrations and special events! That’s why we bring you many of these through the year. Check this page for advance notification of upcoming events, including our Anniversary Sale, Midnight Merriment and more!

April 2017 -- We are very pleased to announce that this year (2017) marks the 20th Anniversary of the Concord Antiques Gallery! This year our very special 20% off storewide sale will take place on April 21st, 22nd (Earth Day) and 23rd. Many dealers will make significant inventory changes on April 20th, so take the opportunity to preview as sometimes a bargain is still a bargain at the asking price!

April 22 2017 -- Earth Day. Customers with purchases over $50 will receive a CAG Canvas Jumbo shopping tote for Free!

April 23 2017 -- National Lost Dog Awareness Day. Customers with purchases over $25 who bring in their well behaved adopted dog, will receive a CAG Canvas Jumbo shopping tote for Free!

April 21 2017 -- Day of Silence. Customers with purchases over $25 and honoring a vow of Silence on this day will receive a CAG Canvas Jumbo shopping tote for Free!

March 2017 -- In preparation for our 20th Anniversary, we will be a hosting a dealer only, thank you event on March 7th, 2017. The Gallery will be closing early on March 7th at 4PM (instead of 6PM) so that our tremendously hard working dealers have an opportunity get together to celebrate! Thank you loyal customers!

June 2016 -- The Concord Antiques Gallery is honored to have once again (every year since 2005!) been voted "Best Antique Shop" in the Capital Area by a consumer voting survey taken by the Concord Monitor. This is a clear reflection of the quality and variety of our dealers' merchandise, the friendly attentiveness of Gallery staff, and the special atmosphere at the Gallery that makes it a great destination for browsing and shopping. Most of all, the Gallery thanks and has a special appreciation for its patrons, our regular customers, visiting dealers, and out of town visitors.

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